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Tips For Getting Started

Be Open and Honest

A therapist only knows what they are told, so if they are assisting you in half truths you may not be getting the full therapy experience. We provide a brave space where it is our hope that you feel comfortable and free to be you

Each therapist has their own style

There are many types of therapy approaches and every approach is not for everybody. I would recommend you call a few therapists and see if your personalities mesh. This is your healing, so take charge

Therapy is a journey, not a trip

Take your time. Therapy is about learning to be comfortable with being in the moment. This process includes exploring the past, being present with the now, and preparing for the future. More importantly, is understanding that this is your healing process and you are in control

Enjoy the process

Always remember that this is your healing. We are here to be the light and guide on your path until you are ready to take control and can be those things for yourself. Take a deep breath and let's begin

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